Child Theme
Child theme is created to help developers customize the configuration, route, layout, style, functionality, ... Makes updating the new version easier.

1. Directory structure

The child-theme's directory is 'awe-custom'
  • Assets: Customize css, javascript code
  • Config: Change some configurations of the system
  • Controllers: Change the main functions of the system
  • Helpers, Libraries
  • Routes: Change, add new routes
  • Views: Change templates

2. Child-theme activation

2.1 - Create a shortcut for the 'awe-custom' directory: Create a path to access the assets folder - On the local, you can run the command: php artisan awe: link - On the server, you can see the following tutorials to create: + +
2.2 - Always back up the 'awe-custom' directory. Once you've updated to the new version, bring this folder back and compare the customized files with the new ones.
From version 1.5: For some permission reasons, we have moved the awe-custom directory to the app directory
Last modified 1yr ago
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