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Create a new Car

1. Details

  • Title: Enter the title of Car. Its value will be automatically filled in the preview on the right

  • Change the permalink: Change the name of the permalink. This name does not include spaces. Leave blank if you want to automatically update from the title

  • Detail: Enter details of Car

  • Description: Enter a short description of Car

  • Is Featured: On if this is a featured Car.

  • Booking Form: + Instant: Use the booking form with payment methods + Enquiry: Submit reservation request to admin and partner + Instant & Enquiry: Use both forms

  • Car Type: Choose an Car type. You can create a new Type at Car Types

  • Quantity: Number of Car available for booking. Leave empty for unlimited.

2. Location

  • Street Address: Enter the real address of Car

  • Search on map: The system uses Mapbox's geocoder to search for addresses and automatically fill in fields: Country, State, Post Code, Latitude, Longtitude. In case the data is not found, you can enter it manually

3. Pricing

We provide 2 option for Car rental: By day, By hour. You can go to Settings page to config it.

  • Base Price: Base price per hour for this Car

  • Custom Price: Set price of Car by date and time. Click 'Add new' button to open.

If you select Car rental by day, you will have new option to set discount price by number of day.

  • Name: Name of discount item

  • From - To: Number of day applied this discount

  • Price: Price for this discount

4. Amenities

  • Passenger: Number of passenger of this car

  • Gear Shift: Gear Shift type of this car

  • Baggage: Number of baggage of this car

  • Door: Number of door

  • Gallery: Add photo gallery, set featured photos. Choose at least 4 - 5 photos to display the best

  • Video: Insert Youtube, Vimeo url video

6. Features/Equipments

Select features and equipments for this car

  • Insurance Plans: Add insurance car rental plan for this car

  • Select Car feature item for this car

  • Select and custom price equipment items for this car

7. Policies

  • Enable Cancellation: ON - Cancellation allowed

  • Cancellation Before: Number of days before cancellation

  • Cancellation Detail: Enter the content of the cancellation policy

8. Availability

Display user bookings on the calendar.

How to translate the Availability? Click here

9. How to create a new Car