Multi Languages

From version 1.1, we have updated multi languages feature for our product.

Please go to Admin Dashboard -> Languages menu to manage site languages

In this screen, you can create new language in the left box and manage languages created in the right box

1. Create/edit language

  • Language: Select language in list you want

  • Flag Icon: Select flag icon for this language

  • Name: Display name of language

  • Status: You can set enable or disable this language in list

  • Add new: Please click this button to save your changes

To edit language, please click to Settings Icon in the list languages then click to Edit button to go to edit language screen. The edit screen will same add new screen so you can edit all fields in the form then save them to save your changes.

In the list language, you also drag and drop language item to change the order.

2. Enable Multi Language for site

Please go to Settings and click to Advanced tab to config multi language for site

3. Translation service on site

When you enable multi language in theme settings, site will show option for you change language when creating new services. (Example for page service in image below)

You can translate the fields, which have green border left

After filling all the fields of current language, you need to click to other language in the list menu in red box to enter content for this language.