General settings of the system

1. General

  • Site Name: Enter the name of the website

  • Site Description: Enter a short description of the website. It will display in the browser tab

  • Logo: Upload the main Logo

  • Dashboard Logo: Upload the logo displayed in the dashboard menu. Recommend: Logo is smaller than 100px

  • Dashboard Small Logo: Upload the logo dashboard when collapse menu.

  • Favicon: Upload small logo. It displays on the browser tab. Recommend: Logo is smaller than 50px

2. Styling

From version 1.2, AweBooking allows you to change some types of websites: Main colors, fonts, custom css

  • Sticky Header: Enable Sticky Header

  • Main Color: Change the main color of text, buttons, links

  • Google Font: Support changing the font of the site with Google font. Need to enter Google font api key in Settings -> Advanced

  • Custom CSS: You can enter custom css to change site type. It applies to admin and frontend

  • Header Code: Can add custom scripts (css, js) to header

  • Footer Code: Can add custom scripts (css, js) to footer

3. Page

  • Home Slider: Upload to the image library that appears on the homepage slider

  • Top Destinations: Add featured destinations 1. Destination Name: Enter the short name of destination 2. Destination Lat/Lng: Enter Latitude/Longtitude address. Can get at 3. Image: Upload a featured image

  • Testimonials: Add a few good customer reviews 1. Author Name: Enter the name of cusomer 2. Avatar: Upload an author's avatar 3. Comment: Enter a short customer review 4. Rate: Choose the rating number 5. Created At: Choose the date of review

  • Term & Condition Page: Select page to display content of terms and conditions

  • Call To Action Page: Select page to display when clicking 'Watch Now' button in the Homepage

  • Blog page image: Upload the image shown in the blog page header

  • Sidebar image: Upload the image shown in the sidebar

  • Sidebar image link: Enter the link when clicking the image in the sidebar

  • Contact Detail: Enter the content displayed on the contact page

  • Contact Us - Map lat/lng: Enter latitude and longtitude address in the contact page

4. Booking

  • Currencies: Add one or more currencies 1. Name: Enter the name of currency 2. Symbol: Enter the symbol of currency 3. Unit: Select the unit of currency 4. Exchange rate: Enter the conversion rate. The primary curency is 1 5. Position: Position display unit 6. Thousand Separator: Thousands separator character 7. Decimal Separator: Decimal separator character 8. Currency Decimal: Number rounded to decimal

  • Primary Currency: Select the main currency.

From version 1.4

1. Move the tax option to each service. Take a look in editing service (home, experience, car, ..)

2. New options:

+ Automatically create an account: The system automatically creates an account at the checkout page when the customer does not have an account

+ Enable Email Confirmation: Turn off the feature of sending confirmation email when checking out

5. Services

From version 1.2:

You can change some settings of each service

  • Turn ON/OFF service

  • Change Featured image

  • Change Search radius

  • Change Destination list in the homepage

From version 1.4

+ Tax is included: Tax is already included in the price of the product. It is not added at checkout

+ Tax: Value of tax calculated as%

6. Payment gateways

Payment Gateways: Bank transfer, Paypal, Stripe

Displayed on the checkout page

7. Reviews

  • Enable Review

  • Review Approval: Administrator moderates before displaying reviews

8. Email

Email configuration: SMTP, Email address, Email name, ...

How to setup SMTP Gmail

9. Partner

  • Commission: The percentage of admins received from partner's reservation

  • Paypout Date: rempoved from version 1.2.1

  • Minimum Balance: Minimum balance to withdraw

  • Partner Approval: Allow users to upgrade to partners

10. Registration

Login settings with Facebook, Google

1. How to setup Facebook login


Note: The url must be https. See this document to redirect to https: Read more

2. How to setup Google Login

  • Login to Google Console to create a new api

  • Enter Authorized Redirect URIs


Note: The url must be https. See this document to redirect to https: Read more

From version 1.4

+ Account Approval: Admin can approve the account upon registration.

  • Logo Footer: Upload a logo. Leave blank if using Main logo

  • List Social: Add links to social networks

  • First Menu Label: Enter the title of the first menu

  • First Menu: Select a menu that appears in the footer

  • Second Menu Label: Enter the title of the second menu

  • Second Menu: Select amenu that appears in the footer

  • Subscribe Label: Enter the title of the mailchimp form

  • Subscribe Description: Short description in mailchimp form

  • Copyright Text:

12. Ical Sync

Synchronize Ical calendar with Availability.

  • Type: Hour or Minute. The system will automatically sync ical every hour or minute

13. Advanced

  • Unit of Measure: m2 or ft

  • MailChimp API Key: Enter the api key of mailchimp when using the subscribe form

  • MailChimp List ID: Enter the list ID of mailchimp when using the subscribe form

  • Mapbox Key: Enter the key mapbox to use the map

  • Search Radius: Enter radius in the search. The default is 20 kilometers

  • Use Google Captcha: ON - to enable google captcha (checkout form, comment form)

  • Google Captcha Key: Enter the Google Captcha key

  • Google Captcha Secret: Enter the Google Captcha Secret

  • Admin User: Select a user as an administrator. Emails and notifications will be sent to this user

  • Enable SSL: If your website has SSL certificate enabled, please ON this option to use

From version 1.3

  • Optimize Size: Compress, remove whitespace in the html code

  • Lazy Load: Images, icons, elements are lazy loaded when mouse is scrolled down

From version 1.4

  • Enable SEO Tools: Turn ON/OFF SEO Tools. Read more about this feature