Error while uploading media

Some errors caused your image to upload without displaying:

Do not worry! Please follow the steps below for the image to be displayed

  1. Use the file manager to access the public/ folder. If you see a folder with the name 'storage' then delete it and see the next step.

  2. Create symlink for /storage folder



System tool panel is displayed.

You select 'Create Storage Link' then enter the password of the system to confirm.

If the message 'The [public/storage] appears the directory has been linked', You have successfully created.

In other cases, symlink creation is blocked by the server. Watch the video below to create symlinks with cron-job

Use Terminal Code:

1. ln -s $PWD/{your-folder-path}/storage/app/public $PWD/{your-folder-path}/public/storage
2. cd {your-folder-path}
ln -s ../storage/app/public public/storage

Use File

  1. Create a new file in root folder with name: symlink.php

  2. Add this code and save <?php symlink('../storage/app/public', 'public/storage'); ?>

  3. Rename .htaccess file to .htaccess-old

  4. Run: {your-site-url}/symlink.php

  5. Rename to .htaccess

  6. Test you site

See more article on How to switch servers