How to create shortcut for Add-ons folder?

From version 1.3.1, We develop a library of Add-ons, which help expand the functionality. To use it, the system needs to create a shortcut to link to the Add-ons folder. Normally, the system will automatically initialize it. However, there are some cases, your host blocks that function so you need to do it by hand. Read the article below to solve it

  1. Try to use the System tools: Open the System tools then select create storage link to make shortcut Read this article:

  2. Use Cron-job or Termminal code:

Use Terminal Code:

1. ln -s $PWD/{your-folder-path}/app/Addons $PWD/{your-folder-path}/public/addons
2. cd {your-folder-path}
ln -s ../app/Addons public/addons

Use File

  1. Create a new file in root folder with name: symlink.php

  2. Add this code and save <?php symlink('../app/Addons', 'public/addons'); ?>

  3. Rename .htaccess file to .htaccess-old

  4. Run: {your-site-url}/symlink.php

  5. Rename to .htaccess

  6. Test you site